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A Regional Center of Expertise (RCE) for Education on Sustainable Development is a local or regional initiative that promotes education and learning for sustainable development in their respective communities or regions. These centers bring together stakeholders from all sectors of society, including the K-12, higher education, communities, businesses, and government sectors. The stakeholders stem from various groups, including community groups, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and business entities to collaborate on advancing sustainable development goals. 

To be recognized in their collective effort of organizing and working together on local sustainability actions, a RCE can apply to be become a member of the Global RCE Network and receive the official RCE designation given by the United Nations University (UNU) as part of UNESCO’s flagship initiative, which extends the “UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development” (2005-2014) and has now already 190 RCE for Education on Sustainable Development worldwide!

Arizona’s largest and most populated metropolitan area, sprawling around the capital of Phoenix city, has been called the most unsustainable city in the world by New York University sociologist Andrew Ross (Pratt,  2019). The primary sustainability challenges that Arizona faces include the intertwined environmental, social, and economic challenges: 

  • Environmental challenges 
    • increasing extreme heat periods, severely affecting urban centers and rural areas alike, 
    • decreasing air quality, and 
    • Aggravated water scarcity,
  • Social challenges
    • inequitable access to quality education
    • Increasing socioeconomic inequities 
    • Implicit bias and insufficient inclusion of migrants and refugees
  • Economic challenges
    • Reining into urban sprawl
    • Building access to capital for small and minority owned-businesses
    • Growing a resilient local economy  

Nevertheless, various notable initiatives aim to address these intertwined challenges to support the wellbeing of people, a healthy environment, and an inclusive economy in the Valley. The RCE Greater PHoenix, we strive to connect to these initiatives and contribute to their efforts from a sustainability education perspective.

The primary purpose of an RCE is to promote and advance Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within their regions. They serve as local and regional hubs for fostering collaboration between multiple stakeholders (educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs, businesses, and communities) to address sustainability challenges. RCEs aim to enhance public awareness, engage in research and capacity-building activities, and develop innovative approaches to integrate sustainability into education and lifelong learning. Ultimately, RCEs play a crucial role in advancing the global sustainability agenda by empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge and skills needed to create a more sustainable future.

An RCE Greater Phoenix Affiliate is a collaborative partner or organization that works closely with RCE Greater Phoenix through various channels. Affiliates play a vital role in advancing sustainability education goals and addressing environmental challenges in the Greater Phoenix area

RCEGP affiliates attend meetings, receive the RCEGP newsletter and other communications. They learn about opportunities in their field of interest and about ongoing sustainability and conservation efforts in the region.

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